Shura no Mon Iden: Fudekage


7/01/2015: Chapter 17 is up
6/28/2015: Chapter 16 is up
5/31/2015: Chapter 15 is up
5/21/2015: Chapter 14 Part 2 is up
5/17/2015: Chapter 14 Part 1 is up
5/10/2015: Chapter 11-13 triple release!
5/03/2015: Chapter 10 is up on my blog
5/01/2015: Chapter 9 is up
4.25.2015: Chapter 8 is up on my blog
4/24/2015: Chapter 7 is up on my blog
4/20/2015: Chapter 5 & 6 links are up
4/19/2015: Chapter 3 and 4 double release, read @ my blog. Link up
4/17/2015: Finished translating Chapter 2
4/17/2015: Chapter 1 version 3 is up
4/14/2015: You can see ver 2 @my blog
4/14/2015: Finished translating Chapter 1
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Shura no Toki Volume 4
With just one final to go and there are many good responses (actually just one) on my translation on Shura no Toki volume 13 Ura, I'm considering of translating Shura no Toki paralelling with Fudekage.

I asked my regular manga rental place to get the entire Shura no Mon and Shura no Toki manga (including the bootlegged Dai ni Mon). So I can translate this without any issue!

For now I'm gonna start with volume 4, staring Azuma, Izumi's (third arc in the anime's protagonist) little brother. He was mentioned briefly at the last episode of the anime.
This arc sets three seven years after the events of Izumi's arc in the wild west. I chose this arc to translate for verious reasons:

  1. It's the shortest arc in the entire series

  2. Directly related to the plot of the main series (there's even a cameo)

  3. It's the funniest yet saddest arc (well second saddest with the first one being Kichi's arc). I've read this arc several times and I think it's the greatest Shura no Toki's arc.

  4. It sets in the f*cking Wild West!!! With guns and sh*t!!!

So, while you wait for latest Fudekage chapter, here's Shura no Toki: Western Arc!

Read online:
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3 Bonus Epilogue (Shura no Mon volume 21)

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Press A (+Download Link)
If you have been visiting my blog for a while, you might have noticed that I once made a cover album (that somehow flopped for UNKNOWN reason).
So, in the meantime waiting for the release of the new Fudekage chapter (and maybe some other series that I might picked up), here's the download link the album!
Just click the picture to get my annoying voice and terrible mixing! (I've warned you!)

Press A (Gamer song cover compilation)

Track list:

  1. GAME (Perfume) - Neco, Kurogami Dye, & Puchil

  2. Last Continue (Tomaki Nakayama) - Nanaten

  3. Remote Control (Kagamine Rin & Len) - Neco & Kurogami Dye

  4. Wonderful Wonder World (Yun*chi) - Puchil

  5. Last Continue Versi Bahasa Indonesia - Nanaten

Makassar Toys and Games Show 2015 Vlog: Day 1-2
Since explaining the event is a pain, he's my first Vlog of MTGS 2015
Also special announcement coming in day 5
(You can have new fudekage chapter if this video reaches 100 views)


I give up
Dear, Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi fans
It is sad to inform you that I (and possibly goingsoloonce ) have give up on translating this series
Sorry for those of you who keep waiting for the past 2 years (well most of you have probably gone anyway)

If someone else were able to pick up this series, please do so. Please spread the love! The series hasn't ended yet (that's right! she continued the series after a hiatus. There's even cross-over chapters) I already post it on mangahelpers

One last thing, and I know that this will enrage you, but I picked up another series to translate

It's called Shura no Mon Iden ~Fudekage~
For those who're familiar with Shura no Mon series (or at least have watched Shura no Toki anime), I think you would enjoy this.

I hope i could at least translate one volume before deciding to give up

Perfume - Electro World 歌ってみた
Somehow, I've given up on translating manga and jumped into card gaming, cosplaying, and singing... with disastrous results of course

Indonesian manga translation (10 Februari 2013)
Update (10 Februari 2013)
Chapter 2 Complete (Chapter 2 Selesai)
Put read online link (Taruh link untuk baca online)

Update (17 January 2013)
Delete all links (Hapus semua link)
Starting over from chapter 1 (Ulang dari Chapter 1)
Chapter 1 Complete (Chapter 1 Selesai)

Berikut project manga yang saya translate ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia, silahkan
This is some manga project that I decided to translate into Bahasa Indonesia, enjoy!

Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi
Vol 1:
Chapter 1
Read Online (Baca Online

Read Online (Baca Online

Credits to
for English translation


Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi Koryuu Monogatari

Coming Soon

Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi Manga Translation (English)
Jan. 17 2012: Chapter 2 Download link is up
Nov. 17 2012: Chapter 1 download link is up


Well, I decided to do the typesetting of CnR based on translations b goingsoloonce
It took me a day to finish cleaning, redrawing and typesetting this manga.
You can read it at or my blog a
So here you go

Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi Volume 1:
Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:
Credits to goingsoloonce for the translation

Makassar Toys Fair 2012
So last week (November 20) I went to Makassar Toys Fair 2012.
Man, It was awesome!!!
Lots of toys and action figures. Don't forget to mention the cosplayers. I even saw one who I think looks like Cristina Vee (the one who English dubbed Mio on K-ON) cosplaying as Hatsune Miku.
There're lots of events there, from RC car competition, Cosplay Competition, Yu-Gi-Oh card competition, character design competition (which I entered but didn't win), Video Game Competition, and some performance from other cosplayers.
There're performances by Indonesian professional cosplayer who suit up as Gavan, Sarivan, and Metared (the heroes from the good old days).

There's also a performance by Makassar Cosplayer Community (Komatsu) featuring Monkey D. Luffy, Nami, and Chooper from One Piece; Bossun, Himeko and Switch from Sket Dance; and Izaya Orihara from Durarara!!!

The other performance are fron Shinseki 48. It's a 48 family fan base community in Makassar. There's even a divition which consist of performers. They lip synced some of AKB48 songs such as Heavy Rotation and Aitakatta.
The last one is flash mobs. Those guys are just picked what ever song they like and started to flash mob. First there's only Gangnam Style flash mob, but the cosplayers started to improvise by adding songs like Afro Gunzo (from anime Keroro), and Picara (from anime Chibi Maruko-Chan). I even join them in one of the flash mobs (the Afro Gunzo one). Here's the link to the video featuring me doing it (edited using youtube shaky repair):

Need for Raws
So... there're some manga that I would like to translate. Unfortunately, I don't have any manga raws nor money to buy them. So, can anybody help me?
Here are the list of the manga:
  1. Trick the Comic (
  2. Trick 2 the Comic (
  3. 帰天城の謎 ~TRICK 青春版~ [単行本 (not sure what's the tittle in Romaji) (

  4. Corseltel no Ryuujitsushi Koryuu Monogatari volume 3-4
If anyone has any of these manga, please send me the raws or download link.

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